The circle had not been broken when Elnora Johnson's body was lowered into the cold earth. The virus that she had passed on to her daughter, Martha Johnson-Prescott was alive and still infecting everything it touched. Martha was poised to leave a scar on her children as indelible as the one that had been left on her. Martha's incarceration for three years on a drug charge did nothing to help the struggling Johnson family. In fact, it further divided them. After her release from prison, Martha moves in with her big sister, Maudine Johnson and three of her five children. It does not take long for Martha to realize that her turbulent and reckless lifestyle has caused a rift between her and her children, especially her baby girl, Gabrielle. Finally, after much persuasion from Maudine, the very brokenhearted and low in spirit, Martha, searches for the strength to seek God. What she finds is a God that forgives and heals, the murderer of her husband R. Jacob Prescott, the man of her dreams and a daughter that is determined to make her life a living hell.

Will the Circle Be Unbroken?

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