Something Good came packaged in a fragrance Bella loved and a dark, handsome man, William Lancaster, who Bella wanted.  She needed one and wanted the other.  She needed Something Good, the fragrance, to prove to the cosmetic industry that she belonged there.  On the other hand, she wanted the man, William Lancaster, because he was something good.  He gave her the best sex she had ever had.


          Conflict arises when Bella decides to steal the secret formula to the Something Good fragrance and only William Lancaster, an ex-drug lord, knows the truth. Due to Bella’s desire to keep her status in the cosmetic industry, she must silence William Lancaster’s threat to expose her secret.

          Will she be successful in her attempt to keep her secret safe or will William Lancaster expose the real truth? Something Good will make you think about honoring the truth and doing the right thing even when it is not in your favor!

Something Good

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