The village of Kemet, ancient Egypt, has been invaded by evil and greedy Carlynda Avyanna Shears.  Teamed up with her evil and greedy boss, she is convinced that robbing the poor villagers in Kemet of their precious melanin will earn her millions and millions more dollars when selling it in America.  Since she believes that her light-skin will convince the very dark-skin people to submit to her wishes, she establishes a skin care research laboratory in the village of Kemet and begins to rob the precious melanin from their bodies.

               Three hundred-year-old Queen Hather, queen of the village, summons help from Fari, her granddaughter, Dr. Kwame Bahati, her grandson and his friend, Amari Nefertari Taylor, the estranged, dark-skin first cousin of Carlynda Avyanna Shears, who believes that her dark-skin is not as precious as her first cousin’s light-skin.  Will Amari Nefertari Taylor learn to love the skin that she is in?  Will the evil Carlynda Avyanna Shears get away with robbing the Kemet villagers of their melanin leaving many of them either dead or severally disfigured?  Or, will Black Butterfly save the day?

Reach Up My Sister

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