Martha Johnson wants a new lease on life, but like so many other sistahs, she does not know how to get it. Born into a family of weak-minded women, she, despite her education and improved social status, cannot seem to break the mold. Like the road-weary Johnson women before her, she is hampered by low self-esteem and afflicted by poor decision-making skills. Sadly, Martha blames her mother for infecting her with the same virus that had, over time, killed the spirits of her foremothers. Even after her mother repents and begins to live like Jesus, Martha cannot bring herself to forgive her.  She cannot find the strength to break the curse.​


          As a result, her relationship with her own daughter has gradually disintegrated. Will Martha Johnson learn to look deeply into her own mirror? Can she successfully confront the demons that dwell in the caverns of her own mind? Will she ever realize that the disappointment she feels for her mother is only a front for her own feelings of personal failure and that the resentment toward her daughter is merely a masquerade for motherly love turned inside-out? Or will the circle be unbroken?

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